Ultra cooling with ultra Blaze Desert Cooler

Aisen’s Blaze Desert cooler is a sturdy 16’ metal Fan blade evaporative Air cooler to beat the heat even at high temperatures. With large size cooling pads on three sides, Blaze continues breeze of air with all round cooling for indoor or semi outdoor areas.

Float Valve

Large Water Tank

Ice Chamber

Float Valve

3 Speed Air Control

Large Water Tank

Water Level Indicator

4 Way Air Deflection

Powerful Air Delivery

Openable Cooling Pad Panels

Cooling Control

Powerful Air Delivery
Best in class Air delivery with minimal noise levels.

Four Way Air Deflection
Motorized vertical and adjustable horizontal louvers give all round uniform air flow.

Ice Chamber
Ice Chamber to chill Water flowing in the tank for cooler air throw.

Large Water Tank
The 50L Large Water Tank Capacity gives continuous cool comfort for longer time.

Honeycomb Cooling Pads
High efficiency durable Cooling Media for odorless and maintenance free performance for many years.

Model Blaze
Tank Capacity (Litre) 50
Average Air Delivery (M3/Hr) 3200
Cooling Area (M2) 60
Pump Submersible
Air Deflection 4 Way
Speed Control 3
Electronic Control Panel/Timer NA
Air Device Metal Fan (16)
Oveflow Outlet Yes
Drain Plug Yes
Cooling Pad Aspen Wool Wood
Water Level Indicator Yes
Portability Optional Wheels/Trolley
Louver Control Vertical Motorized
Float Valve Optional
Ice Chamber Yes
Earthing Safety Yes
Power Consumption (Max) 190W
Product Dimension (W x D x H) in cm 63.0 x 53.5 x 83.0