Things your Android Smart TV can do!

Just like smart phones, even TVs are transforming into Smart TVs by the addition of android feature; which further acts as an add-on entertainment to your lives. If you just bought a brand-new Android TV, you probably want to get started fastest. Indeed, you’ll notice right away that it’s similar to the Android phone, but don’t forget it is built for the bigger screen. This opens up your TV to a number of additional features that a curious mind will like to discover. Listed below are some features that doubles your entertainment experience –

1. Stream Live feeds

Live feeds are some of the most captivating videos on the internet. It’s hard to believe you can watch the mouth of an active volcano, or the middle of Times Square, or even the parade in Wagah border. The fact that you can see all of this is astonishing, especially on a 60-inch screen.

2. Use voice search to get around

Just like Google, Android TV supports voice search to save you the difficult process of having to type out everything on your remote. Your TV or box remote will come with a voice search button and the options on the top of the home screen too. You can run a lot of the same searches like “weather in Ladakh” or “Time in Nepal”, but of course there are plenty of TV-specific searches available too—try looking for “Rom-com movies” or “Movies featuring Amitabh Bachchan” for that matter.

3. Bluetooth Connection

Almost all smart TVs come with built-in WiFi & Bluetooth. You can stream your mobile songs and videos on TV as well with the help of the Bluetooth function. Most of the smart TVs also support various Bluetooth accessories such as Bluetooth wireless headphones, keyboards and mouse as well.

4. Web-Browsing

No matter how big your computer’s display is, it probably can’t come close to a wide-screen HD TV. That’s why many people hook their laptops to their smart TVs using an HDMI cable or chrome cast. This cable allows you to “mirror” the activity on your computer directly onto your TV including web browsing, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and whatever else you want to see although some TVs already have this features pre-installed. Moreover, these TVs have internet which is above it all; it serves all your needs with the help of a remote.

5. Play Video games without a console

You can now play games on the TV itself, and you don’t even need a console. Most smart TVs have fun and casual mini-games you can download from their respective app stores. The TV remote may not be the best controller, and it may take a little while to adjust, but it should do just fine for simpler games. It’s kind of like playing one of those games on an airplane, using the little TV display in front of you, except without all the claustrophobia. So what are we waiting for – Let’s get started!!!