AAISEN® 20 Ltr nano Personal Mini Cooler - A20PMH100

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The small and chic Nano personal cooler is designed to give cool comfort in your own personal space. It is an ideal choice for one's own personal cooler with optimum tank capacity.


  • 20 Ltr Water Tank
  • Honeycomb Cooling pad
  • Openable Cooling Pad
  • Powerful Air Delivery
  • 4 Way Air Deflection
  • 3 Speed Air Control
  • Water Label Indicator
  • Noiseless, Cooling Control
  • Castor Wheels
  • Ice Chamber
  • 3 Pin Plug


Aisen air coolers gives instant relief from the scorching heat by delivering strong gush of naturally cooled air even in peak summer. Every cooler is made with highest quality components to give robust & outstanding performance under extreme weather conditions while superior aesthetics tastefully add up to the surrounding ambience.

Aisen coolers work on evaporative air technology which is the most natural way of cooling. Warm air is drawn inside the cooler through cooling pads on which water is continuously dripped evenly. The water drops take the heat of air and evaporates thereby cooling the air inside the cooler. Cool air is then blown out of the cooler by powerful blower or fan to give cool air comfort.

No gaseous refrigerants are used in Aisen air coolers and with low power consumption, it is the healthiest and energy efficient way of getting cool air. Unlike, air conditioner which circulates trapped air inside the room, Aisen air coolers keeps drawing fresh air through open windows and doors and gives continuous flow of cool and fresh air.

Sturdy Design
Aisen coolers are made with sturdy and non-corrosive thermoplastic material

20 Water Tank
20 water tank capacity gives continuous cool comfort for longer time

Openable Cooling Pad Panels
Cooling pad panels can be conveniently opened for easy cleaning and maintenance

Powerful Air Delivery
Best in class air delivery with minimal noise levels

Honeycomb Cooling Pads
High effeciency durable cooling media for odourless and maintenance free performance for many years

3 Speed Air Control
Aisen air coolers comes with variable speed controls to enjoy air throw as per requirements

Water Level Indicator
Convenient view tube to check and maintain adequate water level in the tank

Float Valve
Continuous cooling comfort by maintaining adequate water level through online water supply connection

Four Way Air Deflection
Motorized vertical and adjustable horizontal louvers give all round uniform air flow

Cooling Control
Convenient cooling control to use cooler in dry as well as humid weather conditions

Castor Wheels
Take your cooler from one place to another by simply pushing it on freewheeling castor wheels


Honey Comb

Cooling Pad

Air Delivery

4 Way
Air Deflection

3 Speed

Water Level





More Information
Color White
Category Personal Cooler
Cooling Media Honeycomb
Number of Speed Settings 3
Blower/Fan Blower
Tank Capicity (Ltr.) 20
Remote Control Support No
Net Containt in box 1 Air Cooler and 1 User Manual
Cooling Area (m2) 20
Cooling Efficiency > 50 % ( AT 45° C & 25 % RH. )
Air Delivery 1300
Air Defelecation 4 Way - Vertical
Speed Control High | Medium | Low
Motor RPM 1440 RPM
Motor Type 4 Pole Induction
Pump Motor Submersible
Body ABS Body
Blower/Fan Material Plastic
Ice Chamber Yes
Castor Wheel No
Auto Louver Movement Yes
Control System Mechanical (Nob)
Portability Yes
Water Inlet Door Yes
Empty Tank Alarm No
Water Level Indicator Yes
Dust Filter Yes
Overflow Outlet Yes
Drain Plug Yes
Drain System Manually Plug
Timer No
Auto Fill Water Inlet No
Designed For Residential
Cooler Location Indoor
Net Weight 10.00 kg
Gross Weight 11.50 kg
Net Dimension W : 450 x D : 390 x H : 650 mm
Gross (Packing ) Dimension W : 520 x D : 450 x H : 710 mm
Rated Voltage AC 230V
Input Frequency 50Hz
Power Consumption 120 Watts
Main Cord 3 Pin, 3 Core
Main Cord Length 2.0 Mtr
Earthing Safety Yes
Invertor Compatibility Yes
Power Indicator No
Warranty 1 Year
Not Covered in Warranty Physical Damage
Covered in Warranty Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Service Type Onsite


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