Payment Policy

All payments made against purchases on the Website by You shall be as against the MRP displayed on the Website. We support the following payment options:

1. Credit Card
2. Debit Card
3. Net banking

There are no hidden charges of the Website. You pay only the amount that you see in your order summary at the time of check out. However, the bank may have bank transaction charges as per the rules and regulations applicable to the banks.

If you see any charges on your credit/debit card for purchases made but you have never created an account or signed up, please check with your family members or business colleagues authorized to make purchases on your behalf. If you're still unable to recognize the charge, please report the unauthorized purchase to your bank immediately and to us within 30 days of the transaction so that we can look into it. Please email us at You agree, understand, and confirm that the debit/credit card or net banking details provided by You for availing of services on the Website will be correct and accurate and You shall not use the debit/credit card or net banking which is not lawfully obtained by You (i.e., in a transaction You must use Your own debit/credit card or net banking account). You further agree to provide the correct and valid debit/credit card or net banking details to the Website and the Company. Before dispatching Your order to You, the Company may require You to provide additional supporting documents to establish the ownership of the payment instrument used by You for Your purchase.

You will be solely responsible for the security and confidentiality of Your debit/credit card or net banking details. The Website will not be liable for any debit/credit card or net banking fraud any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to You including but not limited to the lack of authorization for any transaction(s), exceeding the preset limit mutually agreed by You and Your bank, payment issues arising out of the transaction, or the decline of the transaction(s) for any other reason(s). The liability for use of a card or net banking fraudulently will be on You and the onus to prove otherwise shall be exclusively on You. the Company shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the authorization of any transaction or for any third party claim for any reason whatsoever. The Company will not share Your debit/credit card or net banking details with any third-party unless required by law or court order.

In case of a payment failure, please retry ensuring: Information passed on to payment gateway is accurate i.e. account details, billing address, password (for net banking), etc. Kindly also check if your Internet connection has been disrupted in the process.

If your account has been debited after a payment failure, it is normally rolled back to your account within 7 business days by the concerned bank. You can email us on store email Id with your order number for any clarification.